The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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There is the Good the Bad and the Ugly


Trades Monitor always recommends not to engage or enter into contracts with contractors that have not been vetted properly


The good; the contractor


  • holds an ABN in the name of their legal entity whether it is a Sole Trader (Individual), Partnership, Company or Trust.


  • holds a Public Liability insurance and other insurances as required by trade and entity


  • has trade licences (and class) and/or accreditations in place as required by trade and state


All the above are valid and provided upon request


Contractors are happy to provide references and reviews are available. Written quotes are provided.


The bad and the ugly; the contractor

  • may not hold an appropriate ABN, ABN may have been cancelled or entity has changed
  • insurances may not match the ABN (insured is a different name or a trading name only)
  • may not hold the correct Licences and/or accreditations or they may not be in the correct (entity) name.


Also, Information are often hard to come by and/or not provided before the job is due to start.


It is about due diligence and risk mitigation.

Let us help to keep your risk as minimal as possible when dealing with tradies.


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