Compliance Services

Ebix Trades Monitor continues to be Australia’s leader in contractor compliance management. Our extensive knowledge in Strata and the commercial space has helped us to develop a range of high quality services that will not only reduce your company’s risk, but improve safety, lower costs and save time.

Our dedicated team delivers peace of mind to clients Australia-wide and monitors more than 250,000 compliance documents. Ebix Trades Monitor is an integral part of any efficient and confident business. Outsourcing your compliance document tracking with us is knowing you are partnering with the industry leader.
Extensive Experience and Commitment

Our dedicated team delivers peace of mind to over 250 clients Australia-wide, and monitors over 100,000 trades and services providers. 

Ebix Trades Monitor is proud to have a long list of loyal clients, many of which have been with us for many years. 
Their loyalty is a testament to the level of service we provide and our continuing commitment to uphold our gold standard.

Reduce Risk.

Your risk is greatly reduced when your contractors are checked for current compliance and safety laws before they start work.

Improve Safety.

Our experienced safety auditors perform contractor OH&S assessments to ensure our clients have a reasonable expectation that their contractors meet acceptable safety standards. 

Lower Costs.

Reduce costs by freeing up internal resources and ensuring your contractors meet compliance according to governing legislation. Outsourcing your contractor compliance to our skilled team will reduce your risk and save you a lot of headaches.