Strata Compliance

Ebix Trades Monitor applies contractor prequalification checks to ensure that all your contractors and service providers have the required and valid registrations, licences, insurances and ABNs to do their job properly and safely. Some issues that may arise which could easily go undetected to the untrained eye include expiry, incorrect category of licence, cancellation of license, unmatched ABN to the business trading name, incorrect insurance cover, or fictitious certificates and licences.

We ensure your contractors:

  • Conform to their legal prequalification requirements
  • Have the correct insurance cover
  • Have the correct Licence or Contractor Registration from the relevant authority
  • Have been re-evaluated after having problems recorded against them
  • Hold appropriate trade of professional accreditation
  • Have a Health and Safety induction certificate for the appropriate state
  • Hold a valid ABN


Commercial Compliance

Ebix Trades Monitor uses a uniquely specialised certificate tracking software to proactively manage all forms of insurance and statutory contractual agreements. Our proprietary software has been designed specifically for tracking and verifying compliance certificates linking an image repository, secure database and correspondence modules into one homogenous process. Importantly, as no two customers are alike, we also customise the system to our customerís precise specifications and reporting requirements. The software offers full audit trail, historical data, reports and customised dashboards.

Let Ebix Trades Monitor relieve you of the time-consuming work and administrative hassle involved in managing certificates of insurance and statutory and contractual compliance agreements for buildings, plant, equipment, leases, vehicles, contractors, suppliers and consultants.

Our expert team:

  • Performs all of the tasks necessary to achieve insurance and statutory compliance
  • Manages the entire process of soliciting, validating, tracking and electronically storing your incoming certificates
  • Can deliver on specific requests and a more customised approach to your businessí compliance


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