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Fact Sheet

  • OH&S/WHS acts and regulations throughout Australia are enforceable law
  • No company, regardless of size is exempt from the law
  • Individuals and Companies are subject to conviction with significant fines
  • Individuals must pay the fine on their own without company support
  • There is no insurance available to manage the company's or individual's risk
  • Owners/Employers or Controllers of the workplace are responsible for the safe work practices of their employees
  • Contractors having received a work order/purchase order/verbal order, are deemed(by law) to be employees of the owner/employer or controller of the workplace for the period of time that they are employed by the owner/employer or controller of the workplace
  • The owner/employer/controller of the workplace/contractor or subcontractor is in all cases jointly and severally responsible under "OH&S/WHS law"

The company and any individual involved are considered guilty until each can prove they had taken "all reasonable steps to assure safety"


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