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Mitchell Caplan

About your Contractor Compliance partner

Trades Monitor : Contractor Management, Contractor Compliance and Contractor Accreditation specialists, The Team

Our history is an exciting evolution that began over 40 years ago. Today we are Australia’s leading Contractor Compliance service company which deals in information services and specialist risk management for Companies using contractors.

Specialising in contractor management and contractor accreditation, we currently monitor over 80,000 trades and service providers, through over 200 Clients. We monitor all types of occupations from plumbers to engineers, from valuers to site auditors and all trades in between.

Our Contractor Management team has over 90 years experience and provides the highest quality product and services in the area of Contractor Compliance and Contractor Accreditation.

Trades Monitor feels it is important to support the community and the environment. When we travel, we always offset our flight carbon emissions, and when we hire cars we always hire hybrid fuel efficient vehicles. Trades Monitor provides financial and human resource support to both The Foyer Foundation ( and to St Johns Youth Services (, both registered charities that provides support and emergency accommodation for homeless youth.

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